Puentes de América is a non-profit organization, which was founded by an international group of professionals. Corresponding fields of expertise include education, research, health, behavioral and STEM sciences, among others. Puentes seeks the advancement of knowledge in diverse fields, in order to generate innovative approaches to regional challenges. With the promotion of kinship between North and South America at heart, the foundation strives to create and facilitate opportunities for colabrative research,as well as academic and cultural exchange. A strong emphasis is placed on the development of cultural relations, community service and bilateral cooperation. 

In accomplishing its mission, Puentes de América considers the colaboration of national and international entities, both public and private, to be of vital importance. This includes governmental organisms, as well as local and foreign organizations, interested in the promotion of research, education and community service.  

The following areas form the basis of our work:

  • Education
  • Research
  • Cultural exchange
  • Education in English
  • Community service


• Foster research in our region, by helping individuals and institutions interested in economic, social and technological development.

 • Encourage the expansion of scientific developments, enhancing the innovative and creative capacities of national talents.

 • Bridge gaps between the scientific reach of our province and nation, and that that of the academic world at its’ highest levels.

 • Develop strategies for teaching computer science in order to improve science and technology education. Achieve real breakthroughs in education that aim towards future challenges.

 • Strengthen higher education institutions through academic exchange and by supporting the professional development of their educators.

 • Promote cultural exchanges for youth, in the interest of applying knowledge and abilities generated in research Universities of the First World within our country.

 • Educate students, educators and postgraduates, using new approaches aimed at increasing enthusiasm for science, technology and mathematics.

 • Provide International Scholarships to those interested in pursuing Master or PhD-level degrees outside the country. Encourage students to apply their acquired knowledge of the latest technological innovations to regional developments.

 • Provide the appropriate tools to access advanced degree opportunities abroad. This includes education in the English language, as well as fundamentals in chemistry, physics, mathematics and other key areas.

 • Promote discussion and idea exchange on challenges to technological development, as well as relevant ethical considerations.

 • Stimulate the advancement of scientific and technical knowledge, especially in Latin America, to bring new perspectives and initiatives that impact political, social and economic spheres.

 • Provide information and special, technical knowledge to agencies and institutions concerned with international development policy.

• Assist in training activities and capacity building for people and institutions involved in cultural and international relations programs.

 • Strengthen institutions of higher education in the country through academic exchange and professional development. Support the creation of personal and institutional ties, improving and deepening bilateral relations, and reinforcing a sense of American identity among participants.

 • Employ the prestige Argentinean researchers and scientists earn in foreign countries to promote the optimization of academic quality, and to carry out reform in strategic areas through the training of high-level professionals.

 • Plan and carry out initiatives which apply research innovations to the most vulnerable social sectors, creating real-world impact and increasing educational capital.

 • Support the introduction of new research developments in undergraduate studies, in areas considered of utmost importance for development.

 • The promotion of scientific research on issues that ensure high-impact results and which apply to the social, economic and political realms.

 • Stimulate public support and participation in seminars, academic meetings, collaborative initiatives of nongovernmental organizations, and public and private institutions, foreign or domestic.

 • Develop academic and professional development projects, including trainings and certifications, which promote higher levels of knowledge for students and educators.

 • Collaborate, organize and / or participate in meetings, conferences and seminars that advance our organization’s philosophy of promoting culture and education.

 • Develop training for sites located at great distances from city centers. Utilize online methodology and resources provided by today’s available technology to benefit those interested in continuing training and education that would otherwise have no access.

 • Collaborate, support and promote all activities of the "Bridges Foundation of America" in Argentina