Become a volunteer!

Make a difference by collaborating in one of our diverse areas. Develop a new skill, put an existing one to good use, or just pitch in! We understand the important role that volunteers play in community development, and in creating a better world. As such, we are committed to supporting the volunteer during their involvement, as well as providing recognition for their efforts. 

Volunteers can expect assistance with transportation, Spanish language support and finding accommodations, if necessary. Certificates are awarded, specific to each area of involvement.

Current Areas ARGENTINA



Education in English with native English-speaking teachers. Lessons and classes for all ages.

Academic support/tutoring

Tutoring aimed at the retention and success of students in the primary and secondary education systems. Students learn and recieve academic support in a constructive atmosphere, free of distractions, social pressures and/or familial issues.

College Readiness

Guidance and support for youth who wish to obtain a higher education degree, but due to certain factors are having difficulty initiating, continuing or adjusting to acedemic rigors and/or sociocultural atmosphere of University. Prospective students may require career guidance based on their interests/skills, assistance with applications, examination procedures, 

applying for a scholarship, emotional support and/or help developing time management or study skills. 

Computer and internet skills

The foundation seeks to foster computer literacy and internet skills to youth in primary and seconday schools. 

Sports and Recreation:


Athletic program for youth with professional training techniques. Providing training for children and adolescents with the possibility for future professional involvement. 


Program oriented towards young people wishing to learn the basics of chess, or to improve their performance. Levels beginner to intermediate. 


Investigation of the economic, social and cultural policies of leading economic powers

The Foundation is conducting a project identifying factors contributing to the economic development in the three most affluent states in the U.S. The project is open to university students who wish to expand their knowledge, or specialize in analysis or research methods.  

Health and Well-being:

Preventative Health Plan

Puentes seeks to educate, as well as provide access to information about preventative health practices in rural areas. Depending on their specific health training, volunteers collaborate to administer basic health care, and or take part in public awareness campaigns which cater to the needs of underserved communities. 

Current Areas CHILE